Foreign Friday – Sweden: The Hives – Two Timing Touch And Broken Bones

Last time I posted in foreign Friday, it was from Japan, but today I am taking you to another Scandinavian country, Sweden. This Swedish band is very well known, but it did surprise me learning their nationality. I give you guys The Hives.
They have some pretty eccentric songs, ‘Keel Hauling Class Of 89’ being one that sticks in my mind, but this one tops the lot. The fat guy reminds me of the chubby gay character in ‘Modern Family’. Nothing musical or educational about that last note, but there you go.
One interesting fact about the Hives that I have for you, is that there is a secret member, who writes most of their material, but doesn’t want to appear in the public eye. He is hidden.

I hope you like it,



Hip Hop Thursday: Kano – Nite Nite

First post of 2014, and it’s a nice one. For those who aren’t familiar with Kano, he is a UK based grime artist. I have mixed feelings on Grime as a genre in general, there’s a lot that I don’t see as music, in the same way I don’t see tags as graffiti. A lot of it seems a bit pointless and thoughtless, it just seems like throwaway bars that don’t have an impact. Back to Kano..

Kano is one of the few grime artists I can have on my ipod and actually enjoy. This song in particular features Leo the Lion (singer in The Streets) and Mike Skinner, head man of The Streets. This is a pretty cute song, which is odd for rap but it seems to work.

Hope you like it.


Jazz Tuesday: Miles Davis – So What

This is another absolute classic. I’m pretty sure Miles Davis’ name and reputation is universal. ‘So What’ is from his 1959 album ‘Kind Of Blue’ and although I know absolutely nothing about the technicalities, I feel for the benefit of this segment of my blog to hold any integrity, I feel I must be obliged to tell you guys that this track is one of the best known examples of modal Jazz.
Modal jazz you say, what is this? Well, from my general knowledge Modal jazz is jazz that uses musical modes rather than chord progressions as a harmonic framework. Yeah, the more you know..

Anyway, I could bore you with all the technical details about the Dorian mode, but I would rather you just enjoy the song.


Thought For The Week: Immortal Technique – Bin Laden….0…

An Immortal Technique track for the thought of the week, mainly because I’m not that big of a fan of it as a song in itself, but I like the ideas it brings up and made me think a lot. Straight off the bat I’m not really a fan of the notion that 9/11 was an inside job. There was a mass debate about it with theories and whatnot, and while not all the questions are answered, I’m not on the side that says that the Government did it to themselves to start the war. Interesting side note, the X files had an unscreened episode where the Government flew planes into the trade centre and blamed it on terrorists to gain public support to go to war. But I digress.

This track taught be quite a bit, most notably that Osama Bin Laden worked as a CIA tactician and funded by the US. Also that the US sold chemical weapons to Iraq. Pretty crazy when you think about it. Anyway, lots to think about amongst a lot of propoganda. So do your own research. Or just listen. Hope you like it.


Go Hard Saturday: Julio Bashmore – Au Seve

This track was such a hard song to find, as I had no idea who it was by or what it was called, I just kept hearing it on nights out. It killed me for months having the melody stuck in my head for hours repeatedly and totally unable to search for anything! One drunken night out I typed out the melody pattern out in my phone and saved it hoping it would give any more clues in the morning, but alas, it did nothing to help. It was only months later after first hearing about it I was randomly checking the dance charts online on the radio1 website, and it was the last song on the chart at number 40. So lucky that I finally found it, and here we are, case closed!
This song is unbelievably catchy, and for a song with no more words than ‘ow baby’ its pretty impressive. The melody is on par with addictiveness with Disclosure’s Control. I’m thankful that I finally found this track, don’t know anything about Julio Bashmore, but I hope you like this. Have a good night whatever you choose to do!


Thought For The Week: The Art Of Sampling – Pt 1. ‘How Not To Sample’ ft. Vanilla Ice

I have been thinking quite a bit about sampling. I don’t produce/beat-make/remix or anything to do with music production (If I knew where to start, I would) but it does interest me on the legality and ethics of it all, and the creative process and inspiration behind choosing a sample and then moulding that into something new.

The first thing that interested me is what happens if an artist gets called out on it and denies it? From what I understand, sampling is allowed as long as the artist you sampled from is given a mention in the credits of the song or money for using the sample. A simple mark of respect to know that the work is not all original and you have remastered somebody elses original work.

I give you a perfect example of straight denial and its consequences:

Vanilla Ice Vs David Bowie + Queen

To quote Mr.Ice:

We sampled it from them but it’s not the same bassline. It goes ‘ding ding ding di di ding ding… ding ding ding di di ding ding.’ That’s the way theirs goes. Ours goes ‘ding ding ding di di ding ding… DING… ding ding ding di di ding ding.’ That little bitty change — it’s not the same.

Are you convinced by his reasoning? Me neither. This is not how to sample, especially with a heavy sample (essentially no change to the original). If he had sampled it, and gave the due credits, this wouldn’t be an issue. It would just be like the Dire straits sample on ‘Can I Kick it’. That’s one of the most chill beats I’ve ever heard, and given all due credit where it was obviously needed. A lot of hip hop beats use plenty of heavy samples from other songs. This practice stems form the very origins of Hip Hop by looping vinyl records, but there has been no backlash to this practice in the media due to credit being given. But the way Vanilla Ice has tried to worm his way out and full-out deny that it’s a straight copy and not a small sample, it doesn’t help and makes him look bad.

So the lesson for the day: Don’t do what Vanilla Ice did. That statement transcends sampling.


Here are the songs in question for you to make your own mind up.

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

David Bowie + Queen – Under Pressure


Next week… Part 2: ‘How To Sample Properly’ ft. Kanye West



PS: In the end, Vanilla Ice ended up paying Queen due to a lawsuit.

Study Music Tuesday: Deluxe – Pony

This was another completely random Youtube find like a lot of posts here, so once again I don’t know anything about Deluxe. I’m a bit confused about whether this guy is French or Spanish, as there are two artists called Deluxe. I can’t find any information about which one this guy is, so apologies if he’s not French, but for the sake of this French week I’m going to say he is French until further information corrects me. So, Deluxe is French and his album ‘Polishing Peanuts’ is worth listening to. This guy is a one man band of sorts and his music varies between a few languages, this one with teh vocals being in English. This song is pretty cool. I’m not sure what genre this is but I think it fits with my playlist for studying even though it’s a bit faster paced than others on here. It may not be your thing, but still check him out. Hope you like it.


Thought For The Week: Lara Fabian – Je t’aime

I’m off to Paris this week for a highly anticipated trip to Ms.Rankin, so why not have a French music themed week here. Without knowing it, I’ve been lucky enough to come across a range of French (including French Speaking) artists so there’s no more perfect time than to share my discoveries with you now. So firstly, my thought for the week.
I think it was Reddit that introduced me to this emotional song a while ago. The artist here is the beautiful Lara Fabian, and although I have no idea what she is saying, the answer is yes.
From my B in GCSE French, I can deduce the title of this song to be ‘I love you’. Even though I don’t know what else is being said, you can feel the emotion in her voice, and she sings amazingly. This still gives me goose-bumps when I watch it, and that rarely happens to me through music, so I know its good. This is a very powerful video, and an added bonus, Christian Bale on the piano…
When I first heard of it, it came with an amazing back-story. Not in the same way as X factor milks its sob stories, but this one is truly heartbreaking. But doing some research on it, I can’t find the source I read it from, so I don’t know if its bullshit. See what you think…
‘The story goes that Lara wrote this song about her fiancé, and tragically, he died. Despite this, she still chose to perform soon after which is where this video is taken from, and still performed this song, about her now deceased fiancé. As she sings ‘‘je t’aime’’ the whole audience sings ‘‘on t’aime’’ meaning ‘we love you’, essentially being there with her during the song.’
Like I said, I don’t know if its true or not, I thought it was but having found no evidence of it while looking for the source, I doubt it. If it’s not true, that shouldn’t take away from the power of the song though, its still very powerful.
Hope you like it and check out my other French music this week!


Hangover Sunday: ‪alt-J‪ (∆) – Breezeblocks

This is a band I would not think I could get into, and I need to thank Lucy for this, as she approved this band for me. She’s put up with my music pulsing through her wall, so I’ve been trying to get into Indie music to compensate. I’ve been struggling. I understand the irony as my Dad says exactly the same to me about Hip Hop, but to me all Indie bands sound the same. I don’t know enough to distinguish between different bands sounds. Apart from alt-J, this guys voice is so distinctive I can tell this apart from the rest. I’m not going to try and bullshit my way through critiquing this, as I have no idea where to start. If anybody wants to help me out and introduce me to more bands please link me. Otherwise, just enjoy this.


Go Hard Saturday: Redlight – Lost In Your Love

I haven’t heard this song out much anymore, but maybe that’s just because I don’t seem to be going out as much anymore.. It was my friend Hannah that made me fully aware of this song as she didn’t know the name for a while. When she found it, I instantly knew the song. I hate to think how many songs I recognise but don’t know the artist of title. Anyway, this still is a pretty big song. So Enjoy.