Hangover Sunday: The XX – Angels (Four Tet remix)

Well this is my 100th blog post! Pretty bizarre having reached that number, but thank you to anybody who has viewed any of my posts, this blog has been viewed in 49 countries which is crazy but lets see how many more I can acquire!


So for my 100th post I should put up a song that’s particularly special to me. I didn’t think that one of the most relaxing songs I know could be remixed into something even more soothing for my hangover. Yet here we are. This is a remix by Four Tet of one of my favourite songs at the moment, angels (#gayy). Four Tet plays around with the original but still keeps the softness of it. The one thing that is strange is the middle few minutes where its just noise. That’s very strange. I would prefer to find a version where it doesn’t do this, but it’s oddly peaceful still. Some guy in the comments mentions it reminds him of walking through fresh snow, and I kind of agree. Despite this, this song is still one of the most relaxing songs I know of at the moment, so I hope you like it.




Go Hard Saturday: Julio Bashmore – Au Seve

This track was such a hard song to find, as I had no idea who it was by or what it was called, I just kept hearing it on nights out. It killed me for months having the melody stuck in my head for hours repeatedly and totally unable to search for anything! One drunken night out I typed out the melody pattern out in my phone and saved it hoping it would give any more clues in the morning, but alas, it did nothing to help. It was only months later after first hearing about it I was randomly checking the dance charts online on the radio1 website, and it was the last song on the chart at number 40. So lucky that I finally found it, and here we are, case closed!
This song is unbelievably catchy, and for a song with no more words than ‘ow baby’ its pretty impressive. The melody is on par with addictiveness with Disclosure’s Control. I’m thankful that I finally found this track, don’t know anything about Julio Bashmore, but I hope you like this. Have a good night whatever you choose to do!


Foreign Friday- Norway: Kollektivet – ÆØÅ

This is not really what I had planned for my foreign Friday segment, but I had to put this video somewhere and it seems fitting to put it here than anywhere else on my blog. I know that this is absolutely not a reflection of Norwegian music, let me be clear. But it is music and it is from Norway and about Norway, so it is still mildly relevant. I don’t know anything about Kollektivet, I don’t even know how you would pronounce that. But I hope you like this, and I will post more serious posts looking at international music at a later date.


Hip Hop Thursday: Talib Kweli – 2000 Seasons

I am very lucky to have stumbled across this song. I am a big fan of Talib Kweli, but missed this track when I found him. I’ve chosen this song not because of its lyrical content, but more to do with the beat. I found it on a Freddie Joachim podcast mix, and out of the blue I heard this, and Talib’s style is very unique so it was obvious it was him. At a later date I think I will put up some more of Talib that actually highlight him as a rapper, but for now, I will post this. I hope you like it.



Gym Wednesday: Jay Z & Kanye West ft. Frank Ocean – No Church In The Wild

I’m pretty certain almost everybody will know this track. This is from the iconic album by Jay Z and Kanye West ‘Watch The Throne’. With Frank Ocean on vocals, this is one of many tracks on the album that are simply incredible. This was a much hyped release and the album did not disappoint. You all know who Jay Z and Kanye West are and I’m assuming pretty much all of you know Frank Ocean. He gained a lot of respect outside of his music due to an incident involving the lovable Chris Brown. Mr Brown apparently punched Frank Ocean over a dispute over a parking spot at the recording studio they both use. At an award ceremony not long after, Frank Ocean won the award for ‘Best Urban Contemporary Album’ which both of them were nominated for. Frank Ocean received a standing ovation for this achievement, while Chris Brown remained seated like a sore loser. Perfectly captured here.

Not much else to say about the track apart from I object to the line ‘‘what’s a god to a non-believer, who don’t believe in anything?’ That’s nihilism, not atheism. But I forgive you, Mr.Ocean. I hope you like it.


Jazz Tuesday: Dave Brubeck – Take Five

I think this is possibly the first Jazz record I ever heard. I don’t know for sure, but as soon as I played it while on my search for music, it all seemed so familiar. I have a feeling that a lot of you reading this will know it too, and there’s a good reason for this.


Take Five is from the Dave Brubeck Quartet album ‘Time Out’ which is noted as being the first Jazz album in history to sell over 1 million copies. So it is kind of a big deal.

Dave Brubeck himself is a huge deal. He has performed in front of 8 US presidents, and has performed along side all the legends.

Sadly Dave Brubeck passed away December 5th 2012, but all his music, but ‘Time Out’ in particular will always be on record as one of the best.


“Once when asked how I would like to be remembered, I answered, ‘As someone who opened doors,’”


I hope you like this.



Thought For The Week: The Art Of Sampling – Pt 1. ‘How Not To Sample’ ft. Vanilla Ice

I have been thinking quite a bit about sampling. I don’t produce/beat-make/remix or anything to do with music production (If I knew where to start, I would) but it does interest me on the legality and ethics of it all, and the creative process and inspiration behind choosing a sample and then moulding that into something new.

The first thing that interested me is what happens if an artist gets called out on it and denies it? From what I understand, sampling is allowed as long as the artist you sampled from is given a mention in the credits of the song or money for using the sample. A simple mark of respect to know that the work is not all original and you have remastered somebody elses original work.

I give you a perfect example of straight denial and its consequences:

Vanilla Ice Vs David Bowie + Queen

To quote Mr.Ice:

We sampled it from them but it’s not the same bassline. It goes ‘ding ding ding di di ding ding… ding ding ding di di ding ding.’ That’s the way theirs goes. Ours goes ‘ding ding ding di di ding ding… DING… ding ding ding di di ding ding.’ That little bitty change — it’s not the same.

Are you convinced by his reasoning? Me neither. This is not how to sample, especially with a heavy sample (essentially no change to the original). If he had sampled it, and gave the due credits, this wouldn’t be an issue. It would just be like the Dire straits sample on ‘Can I Kick it’. That’s one of the most chill beats I’ve ever heard, and given all due credit where it was obviously needed. A lot of hip hop beats use plenty of heavy samples from other songs. This practice stems form the very origins of Hip Hop by looping vinyl records, but there has been no backlash to this practice in the media due to credit being given. But the way Vanilla Ice has tried to worm his way out and full-out deny that it’s a straight copy and not a small sample, it doesn’t help and makes him look bad.

So the lesson for the day: Don’t do what Vanilla Ice did. That statement transcends sampling.


Here are the songs in question for you to make your own mind up.

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

David Bowie + Queen – Under Pressure


Next week… Part 2: ‘How To Sample Properly’ ft. Kanye West



PS: In the end, Vanilla Ice ended up paying Queen due to a lawsuit.

Pick It Up! Pick It Up!

Let’s get this going again!!

I’ve been waiting to get back on this for a long time now. My last blog post was the day before I got on a flight to Paris, and a lot of things have happened in that time. Once returned back to Sunny England I had my final year exams to prepare for, so rather than catch up on my lost days, I put it all to one side. For a large portion of my time since February 12th I forgot about this blog completely. It was only about between a month and 6 weeks ago that I decided to check up on it to see if anybody had bothered to view it (like I did with my study abroad blog, which still gets hits on a regular basis) since it stopped roughly 6 months previously. I didn’t really have any intention to start again, but I got a big source of motivation from looking at the stats.

The stats page gave me the motivation to try and blow the dust off this and get back on it. I’ve missed setting time aside to write up my thought on tracks that interest me. Yeah it’s pretty much all ramblings and nothing of much worth to the reader, but I hope I’ve introduced at least some of you to music you hadn’t heard before. That has been the main aim of this blog: To introduce somebody to new music, and be introduced to new music by either searching myself, or through friends that have shown me more new stuff than I’ve been able to give back. Regardless of how successful I have or have not been, I will start again, and see what I can find!

There are going to be a few changes to this blog though. Mainly to make me work a bit more and search a bit harder but I think I would be more motivated for a new start. The basic set up is going to be the same, but a couple of days themes are getting changed.

Tuesday: Previously ‘Study Music’ but since I have graduated, this is no longer relevant to me. Songs I had lined up have been discarded or could be moved into another section. Instead, I have decided for ‘Jazz Tuesday’.

Internal monologue: ‘Jazz?!  Wow you’re taking the piss…Are you a fucking hipster?! Have you gone too far and decided to reject all mainstream music and will now spend your time in a lonely smoky dark bar wearing a fedora?’

I know…I know. Let me explain.

A year ago I set myself the challenge to compile a playlist for my Dad to use as the restaurant background music. I claim I know absolutely nothing about Jazz, I do not pretend to understand Jazz or associate anything with its history or culture. I have merely spent time trying to find music that I can relax or study to (if I still did). I don’t know if people will like it, but give it a shot, I’ll see what I can do, you never know you could get into it!

Friday: Previously ‘Pre-Drink’ but I realised that it is too similar to ‘Go Hard Saturday’, so rater than having 2 separate days for basically the same genre, I have consolidated them into Saturdays segment and instead decided to have ‘Foreign Friday’. Seeing how many different countries this blog has been viewed in, it has given me motivation to search for music around the world. Seeing as US music has such an influence on the UK charts, I have included all US artists as not ‘foreign’ to push me to search for music I haven’t even considered before. I reckon this could be tricky, but I’m optimistic that this could work (plus a sneaky tactic to try and tempt a couple more countries to check out the blog in general.)

So if you saw my blog the first time I started, then welcome back! If this is your first time viewing it, I hope you like it, and feel free to comment on my posts or show me music I may not have given enough time on! Fingers crossed!


Study Music Tuesday: Deluxe – Pony

This was another completely random Youtube find like a lot of posts here, so once again I don’t know anything about Deluxe. I’m a bit confused about whether this guy is French or Spanish, as there are two artists called Deluxe. I can’t find any information about which one this guy is, so apologies if he’s not French, but for the sake of this French week I’m going to say he is French until further information corrects me. So, Deluxe is French and his album ‘Polishing Peanuts’ is worth listening to. This guy is a one man band of sorts and his music varies between a few languages, this one with teh vocals being in English. This song is pretty cool. I’m not sure what genre this is but I think it fits with my playlist for studying even though it’s a bit faster paced than others on here. It may not be your thing, but still check him out. Hope you like it.


Thought For The Week: Lara Fabian – Je t’aime

I’m off to Paris this week for a highly anticipated trip to Ms.Rankin, so why not have a French music themed week here. Without knowing it, I’ve been lucky enough to come across a range of French (including French Speaking) artists so there’s no more perfect time than to share my discoveries with you now. So firstly, my thought for the week.
I think it was Reddit that introduced me to this emotional song a while ago. The artist here is the beautiful Lara Fabian, and although I have no idea what she is saying, the answer is yes.
From my B in GCSE French, I can deduce the title of this song to be ‘I love you’. Even though I don’t know what else is being said, you can feel the emotion in her voice, and she sings amazingly. This still gives me goose-bumps when I watch it, and that rarely happens to me through music, so I know its good. This is a very powerful video, and an added bonus, Christian Bale on the piano…
When I first heard of it, it came with an amazing back-story. Not in the same way as X factor milks its sob stories, but this one is truly heartbreaking. But doing some research on it, I can’t find the source I read it from, so I don’t know if its bullshit. See what you think…
‘The story goes that Lara wrote this song about her fiancé, and tragically, he died. Despite this, she still chose to perform soon after which is where this video is taken from, and still performed this song, about her now deceased fiancé. As she sings ‘‘je t’aime’’ the whole audience sings ‘‘on t’aime’’ meaning ‘we love you’, essentially being there with her during the song.’
Like I said, I don’t know if its true or not, I thought it was but having found no evidence of it while looking for the source, I doubt it. If it’s not true, that shouldn’t take away from the power of the song though, its still very powerful.
Hope you like it and check out my other French music this week!