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Foreign Friday – Sweden: The Hives – Two Timing Touch And Broken Bones

Last time I posted in foreign Friday, it was from Japan, but today I am taking you to another Scandinavian country, Sweden. This Swedish band is very well known, but it did surprise me learning their nationality. I give you guys The Hives.
They have some pretty eccentric songs, ‘Keel Hauling Class Of 89’ being one that sticks in my mind, but this one tops the lot. The fat guy reminds me of the chubby gay character in ‘Modern Family’. Nothing musical or educational about that last note, but there you go.
One interesting fact about the Hives that I have for you, is that there is a secret member, who writes most of their material, but doesn’t want to appear in the public eye. He is hidden.

I hope you like it,



Hip Hop Thursday: Kano – Nite Nite

First post of 2014, and it’s a nice one. For those who aren’t familiar with Kano, he is a UK based grime artist. I have mixed feelings on Grime as a genre in general, there’s a lot that I don’t see as music, in the same way I don’t see tags as graffiti. A lot of it seems a bit pointless and thoughtless, it just seems like throwaway bars that don’t have an impact. Back to Kano..

Kano is one of the few grime artists I can have on my ipod and actually enjoy. This song in particular features Leo the Lion (singer in The Streets) and Mike Skinner, head man of The Streets. This is a pretty cute song, which is odd for rap but it seems to work.

Hope you like it.


Hangover Sunday: The XX – Angels (Four Tet remix)

Well this is my 100th blog post! Pretty bizarre having reached that number, but thank you to anybody who has viewed any of my posts, this blog has been viewed in 49 countries which is crazy but lets see how many more I can acquire!


So for my 100th post I should put up a song that’s particularly special to me. I didn’t think that one of the most relaxing songs I know could be remixed into something even more soothing for my hangover. Yet here we are. This is a remix by Four Tet of one of my favourite songs at the moment, angels (#gayy). Four Tet plays around with the original but still keeps the softness of it. The one thing that is strange is the middle few minutes where its just noise. That’s very strange. I would prefer to find a version where it doesn’t do this, but it’s oddly peaceful still. Some guy in the comments mentions it reminds him of walking through fresh snow, and I kind of agree. Despite this, this song is still one of the most relaxing songs I know of at the moment, so I hope you like it.



Welcome to my music blog!

Hello people, I love music. I spend a lot of my time constantly searching and listening to music that hits me, and after much motivation from my peers I have finally decided to lay them out here to share with people. I think music has been best described as the shorthand of emotion, as the music that surrounds me at the moment covers such a wide range of purposes to match my mood. Some of my choices are very well known, some I have been lucky enough to stumble upon while searching, so are new to me, and may be new to you. I would like to make it very clear I am not a fucking hipster who hates an artist as soon as they get famous so has to constantly search for new underground unheard music. I have spent most of my life listening to rap music, and while it still is my favourite genre with varying sub-genres, I have been starting to branch out and exploring so many more genres I overlooked in the past. I would like to share this expansion with you. I hope you like it.