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No New Year Promises, but 3rd time lucky (maybe)

So last time I tried to pick this blog up, I failed on my own expectations. Here we go again. A lot has gone on with music this year, and so much more promise for next year. This year I aim to do more things that I’m passionate about regardless of the impact it makes or the actual outcome. Searching, finding and learning about music is one. It’s a personal passion, I don’t find new breakthrough artists before they become big, I don’t claim to understand genres or have any special knowledge on music at all, but this blog has always been about my own discoveries and journey looking for new sounds, and it would be nice if at least one person checked this space out once in a while.


Finally blowing the dust off this blog and seeing it’s had views from 65  countries. that’s motivation for me. So welcome back (if there is anybody out there) and let’s see how long this innings will last!




Pick It Up! Pick It Up!

Let’s get this going again!!

I’ve been waiting to get back on this for a long time now. My last blog post was the day before I got on a flight to Paris, and a lot of things have happened in that time. Once returned back to Sunny England I had my final year exams to prepare for, so rather than catch up on my lost days, I put it all to one side. For a large portion of my time since February 12th I forgot about this blog completely. It was only about between a month and 6 weeks ago that I decided to check up on it to see if anybody had bothered to view it (like I did with my study abroad blog, which still gets hits on a regular basis) since it stopped roughly 6 months previously. I didn’t really have any intention to start again, but I got a big source of motivation from looking at the stats.

The stats page gave me the motivation to try and blow the dust off this and get back on it. I’ve missed setting time aside to write up my thought on tracks that interest me. Yeah it’s pretty much all ramblings and nothing of much worth to the reader, but I hope I’ve introduced at least some of you to music you hadn’t heard before. That has been the main aim of this blog: To introduce somebody to new music, and be introduced to new music by either searching myself, or through friends that have shown me more new stuff than I’ve been able to give back. Regardless of how successful I have or have not been, I will start again, and see what I can find!

There are going to be a few changes to this blog though. Mainly to make me work a bit more and search a bit harder but I think I would be more motivated for a new start. The basic set up is going to be the same, but a couple of days themes are getting changed.

Tuesday: Previously ‘Study Music’ but since I have graduated, this is no longer relevant to me. Songs I had lined up have been discarded or could be moved into another section. Instead, I have decided for ‘Jazz Tuesday’.

Internal monologue: ‘Jazz?!  Wow you’re taking the piss…Are you a fucking hipster?! Have you gone too far and decided to reject all mainstream music and will now spend your time in a lonely smoky dark bar wearing a fedora?’

I know…I know. Let me explain.

A year ago I set myself the challenge to compile a playlist for my Dad to use as the restaurant background music. I claim I know absolutely nothing about Jazz, I do not pretend to understand Jazz or associate anything with its history or culture. I have merely spent time trying to find music that I can relax or study to (if I still did). I don’t know if people will like it, but give it a shot, I’ll see what I can do, you never know you could get into it!

Friday: Previously ‘Pre-Drink’ but I realised that it is too similar to ‘Go Hard Saturday’, so rater than having 2 separate days for basically the same genre, I have consolidated them into Saturdays segment and instead decided to have ‘Foreign Friday’. Seeing how many different countries this blog has been viewed in, it has given me motivation to search for music around the world. Seeing as US music has such an influence on the UK charts, I have included all US artists as not ‘foreign’ to push me to search for music I haven’t even considered before. I reckon this could be tricky, but I’m optimistic that this could work (plus a sneaky tactic to try and tempt a couple more countries to check out the blog in general.)

So if you saw my blog the first time I started, then welcome back! If this is your first time viewing it, I hope you like it, and feel free to comment on my posts or show me music I may not have given enough time on! Fingers crossed!


Happy Holidays!

I hope everybody has had a relaxing christmas and new year, I know I have!

I also knew I would eventually start slipping on my blog as I got into a pretty solid routine while in term time, and as soon as I got back home that routine went out of the window! So I’m starting again now I am back on campus!

So welcome back anybody who checks this out. Hope you enjoya t least half the content I put up! Without further ado, let’s get into it.