Foreign Friday – Sweden: The Hives – Two Timing Touch And Broken Bones

Last time I posted in foreign Friday, it was from Japan, but today I am taking you to another Scandinavian country, Sweden. This Swedish band is very well known, but it did surprise me learning their nationality. I give you guys The Hives.
They have some pretty eccentric songs, ‘Keel Hauling Class Of 89’ being one that sticks in my mind, but this one tops the lot. The fat guy reminds me of the chubby gay character in ‘Modern Family’. Nothing musical or educational about that last note, but there you go.
One interesting fact about the Hives that I have for you, is that there is a secret member, who writes most of their material, but doesn’t want to appear in the public eye. He is hidden.

I hope you like it,



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