No New Year Promises, but 3rd time lucky (maybe)

So last time I tried to pick this blog up, I failed on my own expectations. Here we go again. A lot has gone on with music this year, and so much more promise for next year. This year I aim to do more things that I’m passionate about regardless of the impact it makes or the actual outcome. Searching, finding and learning about music is one. It’s a personal passion, I don’t find new breakthrough artists before they become big, I don’t claim to understand genres or have any special knowledge on music at all, but this blog has always been about my own discoveries and journey looking for new sounds, and it would be nice if at least one person checked this space out once in a while.


Finally blowing the dust off this blog and seeing it’s had views from 65  countries. that’s motivation for me. So welcome back (if there is anybody out there) and let’s see how long this innings will last!




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