Thought For The Week: Immortal Technique – Bin Laden….0…

An Immortal Technique track for the thought of the week, mainly because I’m not that big of a fan of it as a song in itself, but I like the ideas it brings up and made me think a lot. Straight off the bat I’m not really a fan of the notion that 9/11 was an inside job. There was a mass debate about it with theories and whatnot, and while not all the questions are answered, I’m not on the side that says that the Government did it to themselves to start the war. Interesting side note, the X files had an unscreened episode where the Government flew planes into the trade centre and blamed it on terrorists to gain public support to go to war. But I digress.

This track taught be quite a bit, most notably that Osama Bin Laden worked as a CIA tactician and funded by the US. Also that the US sold chemical weapons to Iraq. Pretty crazy when you think about it. Anyway, lots to think about amongst a lot of propoganda. So do your own research. Or just listen. Hope you like it.



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