Hangover Sunday: The XX – Angels (Four Tet remix)

Well this is my 100th blog post! Pretty bizarre having reached that number, but thank you to anybody who has viewed any of my posts, this blog has been viewed in 49 countries which is crazy but lets see how many more I can acquire!


So for my 100th post I should put up a song that’s particularly special to me. I didn’t think that one of the most relaxing songs I know could be remixed into something even more soothing for my hangover. Yet here we are. This is a remix by Four Tet of one of my favourite songs at the moment, angels (#gayy). Four Tet plays around with the original but still keeps the softness of it. The one thing that is strange is the middle few minutes where its just noise. That’s very strange. I would prefer to find a version where it doesn’t do this, but it’s oddly peaceful still. Some guy in the comments mentions it reminds him of walking through fresh snow, and I kind of agree. Despite this, this song is still one of the most relaxing songs I know of at the moment, so I hope you like it.




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