Study Music Tuesday: Deluxe – Pony

This was another completely random Youtube find like a lot of posts here, so once again I don’t know anything about Deluxe. I’m a bit confused about whether this guy is French or Spanish, as there are two artists called Deluxe. I can’t find any information about which one this guy is, so apologies if he’s not French, but for the sake of this French week I’m going to say he is French until further information corrects me. So, Deluxe is French and his album ‘Polishing Peanuts’ is worth listening to. This guy is a one man band of sorts and his music varies between a few languages, this one with teh vocals being in English. This song is pretty cool. I’m not sure what genre this is but I think it fits with my playlist for studying even though it’s a bit faster paced than others on here. It may not be your thing, but still check him out. Hope you like it.



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