Hangover Sunday: ‪alt-J‪ (∆) – Breezeblocks

This is a band I would not think I could get into, and I need to thank Lucy for this, as she approved this band for me. She’s put up with my music pulsing through her wall, so I’ve been trying to get into Indie music to compensate. I’ve been struggling. I understand the irony as my Dad says exactly the same to me about Hip Hop, but to me all Indie bands sound the same. I don’t know enough to distinguish between different bands sounds. Apart from alt-J, this guys voice is so distinctive I can tell this apart from the rest. I’m not going to try and bullshit my way through critiquing this, as I have no idea where to start. If anybody wants to help me out and introduce me to more bands please link me. Otherwise, just enjoy this.



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