Macklemore Pick #6: Same Love

I’m so glad that Macklemore has made this. This could turn out to be one of his most important pieces of his career, I believe it is his most important to date. It has been long overdue for a hip-hop artist to talk about the issue of gay marriage, especially at this time where it still remains a strong political agenda in the US.

We are already over a decade into the 21st Century, but the civil rights of the gay community are still being voted on by the rest of society, or in other words a ‘tyranny by majority’. Civil rights must not be voted on. The comparisons between the Black civil rights and this issue are risky to bring up, as racism had much wider ramifications socially, but there are similarities to their struggle. The fact that a large percentage of the American black community are against gay civil rights is ludicrous that they can’t see the hypocricy.
The whole political climate in America on this issue is disgraceful. If a Republican candidate supported gay rights he would never get a republican vote again. All the Republicans who were running for the nomination of their party used their Christian faith as defence and justification for their defiance against gay civil rights. To be fair, the reason it is an issue in America is because of the Evangelical Christian movement and their influence on politics. Now people are allowed to believe whatever they want, whether they believe gay couples should not be married because its an abomination against God they are allowed to believe that, but Government should not. Rick Santorum said that ‘Gay marriage was almost forced upon the people of Ohio (it was Ohio or Iowa)’. This is what is so frustrating. The fact that churches won’t accept gay marriage is understandable and they shouldn’t be forced to recognise it, they don’t have to if they say it doesn’t fit in with their teachings, although that should make people question how moral their teachings are. The important point is that it doesn’t mean that Government doesn’t recognise gay couples in the same manner it recognises heterosexual couples. I see the same bullshit arguments against marriage: ‘It destroys the sanctity of Marriage’ ‘Marriage is for the sole purpose of raising a family’, ‘marriage is between a man and a woman’ and my personal favourite: ‘It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve’. People need to realise that marriage exists as a concept outside of Christianity and needs to be recognised.
It even got to a point where the fast-food chain ‘Chick Fil-A’, a strong evangelical business (which on their job application form asks you your sexual orientation) hosted a scheme where a whole bunch of Christians went there to buy their products in support of their anti-gay rights stance. They also recalled some Muppets childrens toys they gave away in kids meals because Jim Henson was a supporter of gay civil rights. It’s not exactly what Jesus had in mind when he spoke of doing God’s work, but that’s America.
I thank Macklemore for making this song, and I hope it gets the message across to as many people as possible. I hope you like it.

I might not be the same, but that’s not important
No freedom till we’re equal, damn right I support it



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