Macklemore Pick #4: Thrift Shop

This is the track. This is the track that reached No.1 in the US billboard chart and showcased Macklemore to the world, and it’s the perfect track to sum up exactly what he is all about. This is such a different topic than most songs ever. It’s catchy but most of all fun. Macklemore can make really fun music and in others some of the most heartfelt tracks. That’s what is so great about him, he’s a very diverse musician. This must be because he’s an independent artist so has the freedom to create music about whatever motivates him rther than what his label feeds to him.
There are many reviews of this track from high profile critics so I’m not even going to attempt it, so check out some reviews here and here. I did see that one critic slammed this song, claiming that Macklemore makes the false assumption that most rappers are so much more materialistic than they actually are, meaning the fact he made a song about charity shopping for clothes is just a straw-man arguement. However, this is such a great song and I’m so glad it has caught the attention of the masses now.
Major respect goes out to Ryan Lewis for this track. As Mackemore’s producer, I think he gets overlooked so much during Macklemore’s success, when Ryan Lewis is half the partnership. I need to get a copy of ‘The Heist’, which is their first full album together and apparently it’s incredible.
If you checked out my first post about Macklemore with the interview you’ll see the making of the video for this. They film it in a goodwill store, and I wish they had these kind of stores in the UK. Oxfam and others sjust don’t match the variety and random stuff you can find in GoodWill. When I went in there I came out with a pair of $10 rollerblades (RRP $130) and a WWE wrestling belt. I didn’t even use the rollerblades outside. It was awesome though…I digress.
I’m sure a lot of you will have already heard this, Macklemore isn’t even that unheard of. This track is rumoured to hit double-platinum, which is crazy. Enjoy.



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