Macklemore Pick #1: White Privilege

I was first introduced to Macklemore a few years ago by my man DJ Singh, and it was this track he first showed me that got me interested. Since hearing this track I had to have his album and ‘The Language Of My World’ is definitely worth checking out. His old works are quite different from his new stuff, but you can see the progression. A lot of his album tracks don’t stick out as special. That doesn’t mean I’m saying they aren’t good, but they are just album tracks. The songs that make him stand out I would say is ‘Fake ID’, ‘Penis Song’ and ‘White Privilege’. These stand out from the rest as the topics in the first two are not normal rap topics. The penis song is just ridiculous. White Privilege, however, stands out for its significance and his thoughts on race in Hip-Hop and in general.
From what I’ve seen, there has always seemed to be a bit of hesitation when it comes to white MC’s. This may not be so true now, but it’s no secret that Vanilla Ice had a major effect on how people viewed white rappers, and Eminem set the standard and broke through. When Asher Roth broke through he was sick of always having his career and style compared to Eminem, as if the fact they were both White rappers was significant. I’m not even going to comment on Snow.
It’s also true that some view white MC’s as people who are hijacking the Hip-Hop culture, as it’s roots have been deeply embedded by the urban black culture, with the first loops being from funk and soul, also predominantly black. The comparison between this belief and how Rock and Roll music was taken over by white artists is interesting but I’m not sure the same trend will evolve.
The ideas Macklemore brings up in this track are very interesting and definitely made me want to follow this guy.


Hiphop started off in a block that I’ve never been to
To counter act a struggle that I’ve never even been through



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