Artist Of The Week: Macklemore

I’ve been looking forward to dedicating a week block for each of my favourite artists to showcase their work and the reasons I admire them. The timing for this segment couldn’t have been more perfect. Rapper Macklemore has just become only the second artist in HISTORY to get a No.1 in the US billboard charts while not being signed to a label! It’s about time this guy got his music more recognised and therefore I am setting a week aside to show you how creative an artist Macklemore is, and why he is gong to be a big thing in Hip Hop.

Having seen the trend for artists to come up through smaller labels or off their own back is definitely a positive shift for the genre. In all popular music now we see music factories with bands pumping out generic music that sells. Artists that manage to get the breakthrough and get signed by a large label see themselves taken advantage of and changed to fit the labels criteria and boost profits. One of my favourite spoken word artists Black Ice has a very relevant piece on this issue.
Seeing Macklemore finally get an amazing breakthrough like this is incredible for him and his Producer Ryan Lewis. The first rap track to hit number 1 since Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Black And Yellow’ was released. It’s been so overdue.
This video I’ve posted is a pretty first look into who Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are and what they are about. I hope you can take the time out and by the end of the week I hope I can make his fanbase that bit larger.



PS: Macklemore writes his lyrics on a typewriter. 


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