Pre Game Friday: Benga Coki – Night

I didn’t go out this night, again. But I was sorting through my playlists and I came across this song. I wasn’t sure where to place it, it’s in between ‘pre-game’ and ‘party hard’. I’ve settled on posting it here because it isn’t as in your face or loud as the other tracks I post on Saturdays.

This is guy by Benga. I’m hoping a few of you have heard of this guy. He has worked extensively with Skream (aptly named Skream & Benga) and they form 2/3 of Magnetic Man. I personally don’t know much of his music by name, but this song has been in my head for years and never knew what it was called or who it was by so when I finally found this a few months ago I was so relieved. I had been singing the bass line in my head every now and again with no hope of finding it.
This song seems nostalgic to me, not because it brings back specific memories, just that it has been in the back of my mind for so long. Enjoy.



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