Pump-Up Wednesday: Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna’ Cut You Down

No BUCS game today, but a game against the 3rds. Absolutely shit performance, touched my feet more than my stick, not very impressed. Here’s a good song though.

Johnny Cash puts so much passion into his songs, and he makes every cover song he does his own. Notably, ‘Hurt’ and ‘Personal Jesus’ are two that truly do take on a different form when he sings them.

‘Gods Gonna Cut You Down’ is an old folk song warning sinners of how their lives will turn out. Johnny Cash seems to put a lot of emotion into this even though his singing is effortless. I’m a big fan of Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash got in a fight with an ostrich, got 5 broken ribs as a result. He’s a fucking bad-ass.
Hope you like his music, I strongly recommend you check it out.



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