Hip Hop Thursday: Brother Ali – Mourning In America

Another Hip Hop track for you guys, and once again its from the Rhymesayer’s label. These guys aren’t too well known especially in the UK but their roster is getting more and more impressive. My prediction is that Wax may make a move to Rhymesayers unless he does it all himself. But that’s just my hunch.
This guy here is a rapper that goes by the name of Brother Ali, and at first I wasn’t a fan of his. I didn’t really connect with his earlier works. Now I have found him again and his songs all seem to have much more of a point and his delivery seems a lot tighter I’m looking forward to getting a hold of his latest album. Seeing some of his interviews he seems so humble as he talks about the pressures of trying to create an album and writers block and other issues. He seems like a pretty solid guy.
This song is pretty out of the ordinary for him, although he does express his views a lot in his previous works. This shows a lot more aggression and frustration, which is understandable given the content. The video is pretty decent too so I hope you enjoy it. There will be quite a lot more of Rhymesayers on here in the future.



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