Pump-Up Wednesday: Miami Hurricanes 2011-2012 entrance video

There’s no hockey today but still gym so why not show you all some College football pump up videos. This was the Entrance at every Cane home game before the players ran out on the pitch. The U has a pretty sweet history in College Football, some of the big names that came through are Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Michael Irvin, Devin Hester, Vince Wilfork, and my favourite name, Dwayne Johnson. Yes, The Rock. Absolute hero.

The speech given in this video is by Michael Irvin, a cane who went on to join the NFL hall of fame. He shows so much passion in his public speaking, showcased in this speech to the Hurricane team pre season. I first saw this video when it was played at the opening game of the season against OSU, and I can’t remember the score but I’m pretty sure we won. It was an awesome experience for my first Football game ever.
The U didn’t do too bad at the end of the season, we could have had a bowl game but we pulled out over the allegations that was going on involving Dave Shapiro, but I can’t be bothered going into what it all was, the NCAA annoy me. After seeing what it was really like, I now understand what South Park’s ‘Crack-Baby Basketball’ episode was all about. Anyways here you go. Get motivated to do whatever you do today.



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