Study Music Tuesday: Nujabes – Modal Soul (Album)

This. I’ve never known how to answer one of the ultimate music question’s when anybody asks, but now I think I have a pretty strong candidate for my answer. Personally this is one of the best albums I have ever heard. This artist has a lot of albums but this seems like the best in a collection of an amazing set. I don’t really know why this is so good, the beats he’s made on here are incredible, and from what I’ve tried to research, he records his own samples. So if he hears a piano sample he wants to loop, he records himself playing the piano etc.

Nujabes is the name of an incredibly popular Japanese DJ whos real name is Jun Seba. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hear his music until he died in a car crash a few years ago. He was a groundbreaker in his genre and has inspired so many other artists that I’ve been able to find. There are so many nice tracks by this guy I has to bring you a whole album that I use as a playlist. It’s so easy to study to, although I have frequently fallen asleep during ‘Reflection Eternal’. I don’t know if Talib Kweli’s album is inspired by this song or not.

I feel bad that I can only hear Nujabes music on Youtube. I feel bad downloading it all for free so I haven’t, but when I look on Amazon to buy a physical copy of his albums they range from £40-80. And then the labels tell us that it’s piracy that is ruining the music industry. Who can afford that?! I means his albums are incredible, but I can’t afford that.

Anyways if this is your first time hearing this guy, Just sit back and chill with this. Nothing about this album is in your face, it’s just a really peaceful album. I’m going to spend the whole day in the library today so this is going to save me. Out of everything I post on here, I genuinely do want you guys to enjoy this.



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