Hangover Sunday: Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek

Well. The only thing I can say to describe last night is that it was ‘fucking ridiculous’. Threw up consistently all social, carried the bin across town, fresher got tired and poured it all away before we got to the specific area. Turns out it was right outside a church. All of a sudden, 3 policemen were there. Got a section 27 and told to leave Lancaster. Went back to the social secs, shaved (got shaved), put on some baggy trousers and tshirt and embarked on sugarhouse! Definitely one of the strangest nights I’ve had in Lancaster. All Nigels fault…
Anyway, I forgot to drink any water when I finally got home. Rookie error. After lieing in bed until 5 I decided to finally get up. Hit the hair of the dog with Ralph and Jesus, so thanks boys!
Anyway, this song is one I was introduced to many years ago by Phili, along with quite a few other artists that are quite depressing that I don’t listen to anymore (red jump suit apparatus). Although we are out of contact now I can’t thank her enough for showing me Imogen Heap.
Imogen Heap is very odd. I don’t really know how to describe her style. Her whole album this came from is very odd. This is my personal favourite. If you haven’t heard of her before, you may recognize a section of this song sampled by Jason Derulo I think. Well I hope you guys had a good relaxing Sunday and enjoy this.



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