Thought For The Week: Joe Rogan – What Is Reality?

Another thought for the week, but like a significant number of these Monday posts, it isn’t a song. This is a speech/rant/monologue by Joe Rogan. If anybody is a fan of UFC then they will know who this guy is. He is a UFC commentator and stand-up comedian, and a pretty intimidating guy. I don’t know much about his relation to this kind of rant that he goes on, but it’s a pretty interesting perspective to see life from. He has a few other rants about his experiences with drugs and I think that definitely affects how he thinks. I’ve played this through a few times know and some of the concepts he thinks up are just plain weird. But I’ve put it here as a thought for the week as it definitely gives a lot of food for thought. Hope you enjoy, and have a good week.



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