Pre-Game Friday: Caravan Palace – Rock It For Me

We finally reach another Friday. Time for me to go home for the weekend. A lot of shit has happened this week globally, not much of it positive, so I bring you guys a song that always gets me in a good mood.
I found this song on a post in r/music on Reddit as it reached the main front page, and I’m really glad I happened to land on it, because it’s introduced me to a new genre of music that I can’t believe isn’t more well known. This kind of music is known as ‘Electroswing’ and is essentially a digitalised version of swing music, and the transition seems so effortless it fits so well. Swing music itself, although I am completely unfamiliar with the specifics and artist lists, is an uplifting and up-tempo style of music. This modern re-vamp seems to me at least to be totally fitting in with the style and doesn’t take away the mood of swing.
This band is a French group known as Caravan Palace. I love their new album ‘Clash’. Luckily it is all on Youtube and the actual title track is one of my favourites on the album. ‘Rock it for me is the track I found on Reddit and the video sets the mood and style of electroswing.
Since discovering Caravan palace I found a few other artists who have brought out awesome songs in this genre and I’m sure they will appear here at some point. But until then, enjoy Caravan Palace.



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