Hip Hop Thursday: Ill Mind Of Hopsin V

Welcome to the ill mind of Hopsin (where real life’s an option). I found this guy a few months ago, and the more I listen to him, the more I like his style but recently I’ve been starting to get unsure of him. When he first came out with a tape it was the Ill Mind Of Hopsin laid out in different parts. This is Part 5 and happens to be my favourite, hence me showing you. In this track he goes after both male and female youth culture stereotypes and the mentality of rappers. Rather than all youth culture he mainly he goes after fans of hiphop and how they treat the music and culture.
This track itself is raw. He seems to be anti-rap but goes in hard like it should be done. First verse he lays into young guys who don’t seem to do much and blame everything apart from themselves when things don’t go their way. Second, goes after club sluts. Third he goes after street thugs who he looks down on.
What I question about Hopsin is that he criticises about how rappers show off/brag and ‘swag’ etc but then he seems to do exactly the same thing. I don’t get what part about his whole image isn’t fitting into the whole hiphop scene, he seems to blend in while saying he hates everything about the scene. This is questionable and shouldn’t take away from this track, although it doesn’t make him the rescuer of rap. I don’t know who will be. Anyways I hope you like it.



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