Pump-Up Wednesday: Noisia – Machine Gun (16bit remix)

This is an absolutely filthy song. If any of you have seen the stupid YouTube comments on dubstep videos (this song is so dirty, when my mum came in my room I switched to porn etc) they all belong on this song. The original song by Noisia is good, but 16bit absolutely destroys it and this is one of the biggest pump-up songs I know at the moment.

I got to see 16bit when he opened for Andy C at a grimy club in Miami. (miami miami miami blah blah miami). It was a club with half a roof..Just plain nasty and that night was absolutely unreal. One of the heaviest nights in my year abroad, definitely a highlight. 16bit came on, the crowd went mental every song, and just before Andy C came on, the power on most the block went out. With no backup generator the whole place was absolutely pitch black. I was in the bathroom at the time and freaked the hell out. While the organisers went on search of a generator the MC’s of all the DJ’s performing that night congregated by the side of the stage and started ciphering in a circle. I made sure I was close enough to film it in the dark, but far enough away not to get dragged in. These guys went hard. The only name of one I remember is DJ Jumanji. So once that ended, generator found, the night carried on.

I actually got to meet 16bit that night, although I didn’t know it was him. I didn’t really pay attention to what he looked like during his set, the whole thing was kind of a blur. I should have remembered him. Pale skin, long ginger hair and a massive ginger moustache. Can’t believe I didn’t notice. Well when I asked him if he was about to do his set, seeing as he had just come off, him and his mates weren’t too impressed. I think the first of his mates asked aggressively ‘mate, do you know who he fucking is?’ to which I replied no. Wrong answer. In my defence, I said that I knew him from YouTube (total lie) and that your face isn’t on the screen while your music is played, but I still got slapped by 16bit after his mates jeered him on. Then he walked off. Good times. In hindsight, I should have called him 8bit just to piss him off, but I’d probably get kicked out. Luckily my genius failed me in the moment and I got to see Andy C tear up the place. Brilliant night.

Well I don’t expect many of you to enjoy this, but here you are.



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