Study Music Tuesday: Onra – Ms. Ho

I need to buy Onra’s albums. He is alive so unlike Nujabes his prices aren’t ridiculous. I don’t know how many of you will have heard of Onra, but one piece you might possibly know him from is from the Bejjing Olympics. Onra was asked by Coca Cola to make a song for there adverts during the Olympic broadcasts and the song had to blend western music with Chinese. What Onra came out with was ‘The Anthemn’ which he explains is now his most famous piece but one of the simplest to make. If you haven’t heard of it you may like it anyway.
The track I’ve put up here is from one of his albums that I desperately need to get a hold of, the Chinoiseries and Chinoiseries pt 2. The album is a collection of the different beats he makes. This is called Ms.Ho and is my favourite on pt 2 of the album. I would post the whole album on here if I could as that’s what I listen to, but its broken up on youtube into many parts, but you can find them all on youtube.
Hope you guys like this.



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