Thought For The Week: Prince EA – Smoking Weed With The President

Another Monday, another thought. This is a track done by Prince EA but through his charity ‘Make Smart Cool’. There is a hot topic in America and South America about whether wee should become legalised in the US. Some of the main arguments for legalisation is that it would reduce prison numbers therefore saving money which the desperately need to do, nobody has every overdosed and that it was legal before a propaganda campaign so that hemp wouldn’t overtake paper manufacturing. The main arguments against it is that it is a gateway drug to harder substances, should not be encouraged in a efficient working society and that the long term effects are claimed to cause mental health problems. It’s all quite complex, and now Latin American nations have got involved calling for legalisation as the war in drugs in the US has become too costly and isn’t working.

Now what Prince EA has done is made a track that is supposed to get enough support to actually be sent to Obama. I highly doubt that will happen but this track is very interesting. He includes a lot of research into the history of the laws surrounding this issue and puts across a lot of very valid points that politicians in charge don’t bring up. He gives strong counter-arguments to some of the claims by the politicians, so all in all is a strong piece to put forward, I just don’t think it will reach Obama. Whether you are for or against the issue, check out this track and see how he clearly lays out his stance with evidence to back it up. Hope you like it.



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