Hangover Sunday: Major Lazer – Get Free

Need some soothing. So here’s a track that got me through a heavy weekend in Durham a few months ago and has had the same effect ever since. There are a few remixes of it in circulation, most notably the legend Andy C has remixed this into a trademark DnB track. But this isn’t DnB and I don’t know what it is, but I like what Major Lazer do.
Consisting of Diplo and DJ Switch, these guys seem to go crazy and push boundaries on whatever they do. With MadDecent label set up these guys really are going crazy. One thing I don’t get is how Diplo signed rapper RiffRaff for an 8 album contract on MadDecent, but he obviously knows more about music than me, so I’ll wait for him to change my mind. I managed to see Diplo live for free when he turned up to do a free gig at UM, I don’t really know why. I don’t remember much of it because I didn’t really recognise many tracks, but he kept switching from hiphop to electronic which was pretty bizarre. And he kept throwing fruit into the crowd.
I don’t know anything about DJ switch… but I hope you enjoy this track and it helps a hangover.



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