Thought For The Week: Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictators Final Speech

Once again, not a song, but a very powerful piece. I never saw a Charlie Chaplin movie in my life, and I had no idea there was dialogue. I always had the idea it was silent films filled with slapstick physical comedy (the funny walk, cane twirling etc). Shows how uneducated on the subject I am. I stumbled across this clip from The Great Dictator. I’m pretty sure Hitler loved Charlie Chaplin and the main reason Hitler has his unforgettable moustache was because of his liking of Chaplin. And Chaplin in turn was honored that such a world leader was a huge fan. This of course was before anybody knew what was really going on in Europe at the time. Hitler especially liked ‘The Great Dictator’ which was a film where Chaplin played Hitler. It’s all very strange now when looking back on what we know now. Anyways, this speech is amazing. This is the first time I ever heard Charlie Chaplin’s voice and it blew me away. The message he puts across in this couldn’t have been represented better. So I hope you all enjoy it and have a good week.



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