Hip Hop Thursday: Immortal Technique – Dance With The Devil

After looking back at the music I’ve listened to, I have tried to find the first song that got me hooked into rap and in particular Hip Hop. This is possibly the first track I ever heard. I found this song again a few years ago and the instrumental made the whole song feel so familiar, and I remember the video so I think this is the first rap track I ever heard. At the time I must not have paid any attention to the lyrics, because this song is fucked up it’s brilliant!

This track is by an MC known as immortal technique. He’s pretty interesting. When he’s not talking about the illuminati or new world order or how 9/11 was an inside job, his songs have a lot of anger and passion in them. He is a political activist too, and some stuff he releases on his mixtapes are just cold hard truths (see underground railroad).

This track is apparently it’s a true story. In interviews about this song he claims it is true, but just listen to it all the way through. I won’t name the charges immortal technique should be prosecuted under if its true, I would hate to spoil the surprise. I think its fiction though, but that doesn’t take away the haunting nature of it and the awesome story telling and flow this has. Theres no bragging in this song, no melodic hook or ghetto girls in bikinis. This is just a hard story. It’s interesting how his use of the devil implies that people don’t have a chance to change, that things that happened were out of their control.  I don’t know if enjoy is the right word, but here you go anyways.



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