Thought For The Week: Michael Lee – Pass On

I have that shit feeling after an amazing weekend again(Best gif I’ve ever found). So what better way to get out of Monday Blues than with a really positive uplifting song. This isn’t it.

This is a bit different, but I feel it should be here in a music blog. For anybody not familiar with this kind of medium, it’s called ‘Slam Poetry’. I am not very well up on literature/language terms but basically it’s spoken word poetry, and the diverse range of topics and styles is incredible. I found out about this through a friend I met on my Gap year called Lindsay. She introduced me to a guy called Saul Williams, who will be on here at some point. His self titled album was a mix of spoken word and music, and his themes and imagery is too complex I really struggle to keep up. But I found a video of his on youtube under the title of ‘Def Jam Poetry’ and that set off a whole chain reaction of me finding as much about def jam poetry as i could and seeing so many amazing spoken word artists. I could honestly clog every Monday with a different def jam poetry video, but here’s one I found a few months ago that I didn’t find on Def Jam.

I have only seen a few a few of Michael Lee’s stuff but tis is definitely the best one. The worldview he creates in here is pretty creative, linking meeting people all over the world to find parts of people you’ve lose. Meh.

Strangely uplifting, but definitely a powerful piece. I hope you enjoy and have a good week.



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