Pre-Game Friday: Tracy Chapman – Fast Car (XX remix)

This is such a chilled out song, and I have to give credit to Gawe for showing me this last time I went up to Edinburgh (see you guys next week). I’m so glad she showed me this, It’s such a nice song.
This is a remix of the 80’s song by Tracy Chapman that came back into the UK scene due to an Britain’s got Talent audition.
This remix is by ‘XX’ but this should not be confused with the XX the band. When the band XX remix songs, it goes under the name of Jamie XX. This remix here is by two German DJ’s called Vortex and lexer who go under the name XX. I don’t know if anything I wrote here actually makes sense, and I don’t know anything about them. But here it is anyway.
Unfortunately I’m not going out tonight despite how much I want to, because I’m boring and old and actually need to catch up on a few things. For anybody out tonight, enjoy yourselves!



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