Pump-Up Wednesday: Swedish House Mafia – GreyHound

Everybody knows this. If not, I don’t know where the fuck you’ve been. This is played in clubs pretty much every night. The main melody should be engrained on everybody’s minds that they can’t get out. I was tempted to submit this under Go Hard Saturday, but this just gets me pumped up more than it does get me ready to get drunk. I always find it strange when I get an adrenaline rush from some music, so this is more suitable to a playing field than a club for me. We have a big game today against Liverpool John Moore’s which should be a good win..insider information from their Uni says they aren’t playing too good, which is just what we want to hear!
Not many people have never heard of Swedish House Mafia. These people have never had access to the internet and have their caves lit my candlelight. They aren’t allowed outside unsupervised and must wear high visibility jackets. You get the point.
Swedish House Mafia have been going for around years now and brought out some huge tracks. ‘One’ is one of there more known tracks getting high in the UK charts, but also ‘Save The World’ and ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ should be heard. I wish I had the chance to see one of their live shows as I heard they are unreal, but I have heard they have stopped making music together now.. They are still touring so there’s hope, but why would they go anywhere near Lancaster..



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