Major Lazor – Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix)

On to the Saturday. I blacked out this Saturday. As in I totally blacked out and don’t remember anything after roughly midnight. Vaguely remember getting in an alteration with a knob-head who wanted me to buy him a drink but it wasn’t his Birthday. Or sitting down, arguing with the bouncers, leaving, taxi etc. I hadn’t even drank that much. After speaking to Mel who was with me, it’s possible I got spiked. A bit scary, and doesn’t make much sense for a guy to get spiked, but this has only ever happened to me once before…and that’s because I drank moose juice I found on a pool table, which tasted like it was obviously spiked. So not too much to report from the night. I hope everybody else’s went slightly better.

This is a remix of Major Lazor’s song Original Don but I know nothing about Flosstradamus. I think this type of music goes under the genre ‘Trap’ but I don’t know what that means. First time I showed some mates this, the lack of a predictable drop made this song seem a bit shit, but the more I listen to it I really like the switch up of tempo on the drop. I don’t know if you will enjoy this, but here you go, give it a few listens!



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