Pre-Game Friday: Pretty Lights – Total Fascination

Went away for the weekend and wow, what a backlog. I don’t want this to turn into my Study abroad blog, so I’m going to battle and catch up with what I missed out. It still counts as one a day..this just highlights my time management skills.

So this weekend I went down to Canterbury to meet up with some of the Miami exchange group, including our awesome Spanish friend Maria which was an added bonus!! Going down there was a nightmare as I got onto the wrong bus, so after a 4.5 hour journey (involving the london underground) I arrived for a busy weekend.

The friday night itself was weird, ended up in a bar where everybody was Greek. Anyway, here’s Pretty Lights again.

This song always gets me in a good mood. I tried to get it on my playlist for my 21st this summer, but it failed the final shortlist. Anyways I hope you like it.



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