Hip Hop Thursday: DFD – Town (Acoustic)

I hope everybody had an awesome Halloween last night! Some crazy stuff went down last night. I have just got up and functioning so here’s a Hip-hop track. I bring you something that I know those who are familiar with Knocksteady will have already seen, and I have shown this to a few as well, but this still definitely belongs on here for the record. This is a live acoustic version of a song called ‘Town’ by an LA Korean rapper called ‘Dumbfounddead’.

I was first introduced to this guy by DJ Singh (We’ll call him Callum from now on) as he showed me a network of battle-rappers in the US and Canada, known as ‘Grind-Time’ and ‘King Of The Dot’ respectively. Some of these battles are hit and miss, but dumbfounddeads were always hilarious. DFD was the joker in all his battles, with so many punch lines it was amazing to see. Usually, because he’s Asian, all his opponents just make racist jokes and that’s pretty much all they have on him. One battle he battled a fellow Korean rapper called Tantrum, so they just laid out Asian jokes on each other. So odd, but funny and worth checking out here. Another battle his was against a Canadian guy known in the circuit as Kid Twist, and it was the battle between these two guys that got me to like DFD, so check that out here too.

I didn’t see much on this guy for a while, I didn’t watch ‘Gring Time’, ‘KOTD’ or even the UK version ‘Don’t Flop’, some battles just seem to aggressive and due to the hit and miss nature of some battles, I just stopped.
Then DFD got involved with Knocksteady and Wax. I got shown his joint album ‘Clockwise’ with Wax and loved ‘Medicine’.
Since then this guy has been getting better on better, at first I was sceptical that he would transition from battling to making records, but he’s done big things. There are seriously so many links I could put up here. The videos he puts with his songs made them so much better. So I’ll show you his 2011 cypher entry he made in the Knocksteady studio. He goes in hard. He made a song explaining his backstory here, and one of my favourite videos at the moment is this one here where he talks about women.

I personally prefer this acoustic version of ‘Town’ than the studio version, but that’s just my opinion.
If you have heard this before or not, I hope you enjoy this.



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