Study Music Tuesday: Pretty Lights – Finally Moving

A library day today, no night out (saving it for Haloweeeeeen) so I bring you another staple of my study playlist. Pretty Lights. These guys are a very unexplored group for me, I have been given numerous albums of theirs and I like them, but I don’t feel like I know them at all. I had the chance to see them at UMF but saw Tiesto instead, and there’s not much I regret more at that festival than that choice (Apart from the water bottle incident, but this isn’t a confession blog, it’s about the music). Their live shows are supposed to be amazing, with crazy visuals etc. I need to keep checking any UK dates and make an effort. Despite their crazy sets and big songs that get me in the zone to go out (featuring soon), they also have some very chilled out tracks, and this is one of them.

I was introduced to these through a close pale friend called Ben (check out his blog here) and I heard this before I heard Avicci and Flo Rida using the same sample Pretty Lights used. The sample itself is really nice so give that a listen too. It’s also nice hearing the different styles of music Pretty Lights can make, which is a tribute to their ability.

Well I wish I knew more about these, but I don’t, so you enjoy this.



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