Hangover Sunday: Youth Lagoon – 17

So did everybody make it home alive last night? Good, now start dealing with the hangover. I’m here to help. I didn’t actually wake up wanting to die, I went to Ed Sheeran at The Ballroom in Birmingham so didn’t get off my face but was so good! This song is for your hangover, not mine.
When I haven’t left my Ricky Gervais podcasts playing until I wake up in the early afternoon, I need some mellow songs to get me through this day. My hangover playlist blends in nicely with my study music, except some of these songs actually make me fall asleep if I just stay in bed all day feeling sorry for myself.
I randomly stumbled upon this track along with another one by Youth Lagoon on Youtube and it instantly made it on my hangover playlist. It’s so slow and mellow it fits the criteria perfect. Then last weekend while in Edinburgh I found Intuitions new track and thought something sounded familiar in it but didn’t really know what. I looked down in the comments on his blog post about it and somebody mentioned the sample that was used, and it was this. If you haven’t seen my first music post, I would strongly advise you do. They sample this track beautifully and the mood of this is definitely reflected in Intuitions song.
As I just stumbled across these guys, I have nothing to tell you about them. I don’t know how long they’ve been together, how many albums they made etc, and if I did tell you that, it would be obvious I just read their Wikipedia page before making this post so it sounds like I’m well informed on every artist I like, which I’m not. Just listen to this song while you stew, I hope you like it and get well soon.



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