Go Hard Saturday: Kid Cudi – Pursuit Of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)

Who doesn’t like Saturday nights apart from hospitals and the police force? Saturday is always supposed to be big, get out with your mates and have an adventure. There is such a variety of music I hear on nights out my playlist just looks like a random array of songs from all over the music spectrum.
In the last year I have got a lot more into electronic music, mainly because I was totally uneducated on the whole genre before. I still know next to nothing, but I’ve been introduced to enough artists to find some songs that really get me in the mood to get out.
The DJ who remixed Kid Cudi’s track is a guy called Steve Aoki. Like most electronic DJ’s I know basically nothing about him, apart from that his live performances are incredible. I saw him at UMF last Easter and he threw a cake at some girl in the crowd, and got someone up on stage to make them crowd surf on an inflatable dinghy. Apparently that’s his trademark. I friend of mine saw him in Vegas and got selected form the crowd to be in the dinghy. That shit is unreal right there.

Now the video on here isn’t the actual music video, it’s just clips from the film ‘Project X’. I don’t know if this song is actually in the film, but it definitely suits the occasion. It doesn’t sound to big until the electronic element kicks in. I really like this song, and within a week of finding this song, my good lanky friend Timmy said he had recently downloaded it too. So I can’t knock him for that!

I’m off to an Ed Sheeran gig with Laura tonight! I Hope you all have a good night! Sack it or bang it (Boyd).



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