Pre-Game Friday: Cris Cab – Rihanna’s Gun

Welcome to the weekend! I missed posting this yesterday as I was travelling down to Leicester to see the twin and dorothy, but one day late won’t hurt!
I hope you are all still motivated for life after another week of labs/seminars/lectures/presentations and library dates. I’ve heard the rule is that after midday it is officially the weekend, some people believe It’s past 6pm. For Wax, its 5. Whatever you personally think, I am lucky enough to get the entire of Friday free, so I guess mine starts when I wake up. I don’t complain.
This weekend I’m off to the beautiful city of Leicester to see the twin and some people from the Miami exchange group! Laura got me a ticket to Ed Sheeran this Saturday, so for a pre-game song choice for you I should pick one of his tracks. But I don’t pregame to his stuff. So I give you Cris Cab.

There isn’t too much I know about this guy. He’s 19/20, from Miami, and he doesn’t look like what I expected when I heard him sing. Mavado is on this track with Cris, and I don’t know much about Movado either, all I know is he is a huge reggae name, though I am not familiar with his work.

The video itself leaves me with mixed emotions, because I turned down the opportunity to go see this very gig at ‘The Stage’ while in Miami, and regret it so much! With Wyclef Jean making a special unannounced appearance to the gig, and I sacked this off to go for a regular night in the Grove. I’m not knocking the Grove, but for $10 I could have been here.

I think this is reggae, but with a deep bass line that has a feel of dubstep to it. I don’t always try to categorise, so I’ll leave it there. I Hope you like it.



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