Hip Hop Thursday: Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise

Hip Hop. Hip Hop, Hip Hop. I’m going to try to bring you some straight up Hip hop at least once a week, but I feel this genre will show up 2/3 times a week. Going through my iTunes there really does seem to be too much to choose from. A lot of hip-hop isn’t as in your face and catchy, some is more lyric based, some with a deeper message, some are just fun. The Beastie Boys are fun.

These guys started out as a punk band but switched up to rap in the 80’s and have done huge things, finally getting inducted to the Rock and Roll hall of fame in April this year (MCA not attending due to illness). They have been said to have influenced so many current artists due to their success back in the day and they have still continued to impress, I think they got their number up to 7 Platinum albums but don’t quote me on that. They were back recently making music and luckily they released a two-part album but unfortunately thats the last, due to MCA being diagnosed with cancer and passing away May 4th this year. That’s a fucking shame.

‘Make Some Noise’ is the first track off their latest and last album, ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part Two’. With a celebrity-filled cast including all the cameo appearances, the video is just awesome, and the song is an absolute showcase of what Beastie Boys are. This is their sound. I don’t often find people who have never heard of ‘Fight For Your Right To Party‘, ‘Intergalactic‘ and most people should know ‘Sabotage‘.

I had strayed away from these guys last few years but while in Exchange last year I was lucky enough to visit the Miami Ink tattoo parlour while a friend Clare got a tattoo done there. While I was sitting in there just chilling (way out of my depth) the studio had Beastie boys blaring and that got me back into them. There were so many tracks I didn’t recognise but all sounded good, maybe it was just the setting that suited it.

Hope you guys like it, and R.I.P MCA.



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