Pump-up Wednesday: Q.O.T.S.A – Go With The Flow

Wednesday is BUCS day. This is my first year involved with this but for anybody not familiar with it, BUCS is the day when British university sports teams play their matches. I figured I would combine the two and present a song on my workout/pump up playlists, songs I listen to at the gym or before I play sports. Mainly because I realised after checking my playlists that this is a completely different genre to what I now tend to listen to, although there was a phase where I casually listened to it. Weird. Today Lancaster 2nd’s hockey played away to Salford, but I couldn’t play because I had a lab to go to. I would have played you the song that I listened to while on the way there, but thought this song to be more appropriate.

This song is by a band I adored while in my ‘rock’ phase when I was younger, (I must have been no older than 13 or 14?) and I still listen to it every now and again. I kind of miss rock music, I rarely listen to it now, whenever I turn on Kerrang on TV it just doesn’t feel the same. I think most people who know me would be surprised to know the first album I ever bought was Slipknot-Iowa (note goes to ‘People = Shit‘ which 11 year-old Jonni reviewed in a year 6 class when told as homework to go home and write about your favourite song *cringe*). I was into the heavy shit. Second album: Papa Roach – Infest. I still look on some songs with disbelief, others with nostalgia.

Out of rock songs other than RHCP, this is one of my favourites. i don’t know why it gets me pumped up to workout/play, but not many other bands can except for S.O.A.D (they will surely feature here soon). ‘Go with the flow’ is a really catchy song, and gets me in the mood to work out, but I can’t really say why. But I guess that’s music. This song, along with ‘No one knows‘ (Dave Grohl as guest drummer) are the two reasons I love this band.

Why am I showing you this rather than more of my heavy songs to get me pumped up? I didn’t play my hockey game today, but still got voted ‘Dick of the day’ by the majority of the team. This is all fun and games, so I take it on the chin even though I didn’t play (and they lost 10-0, somebody must have deserved it more than me, just saying). The team are a cool group of people so whatever gets given to me, go with the flow. Cliché as fuck. But that’s what music does. It matches moods. I hope you enjoy it.



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