Study Music Tuesday: The Sound Defects – Peace

Now that I am back in the UK in my Third year of University, I figured it was about time to start actually working. Hard. but I can’t work in silence. The music I like to listen to when hungover fits in well with music that helps me study, but I find I can’t have songs with too much lyrics when working, and no lyrics at all is often better. This is a new thing for me, because now I’m starting to enjoy pieces of music, rather than songs, and starting to appreciate more genres that don’t require rapping/ singing. That being said, I can still study to some songs with lyrics, but only if the actual music is the focus.

Today I give you a song that I randomly stumbled upon on youtube. Its by a group called The Sound Defects and basically I know nothing about them, apart from they (I don’t even know how many people form this) are very good beat makers and this song ‘Peace’ is from their third album called ‘The Iron Horse‘. I would reccommend you check the other tracks from this album, notably ‘Da Da Da‘ and ‘Take Out‘.

I have to say, that there isn’t really anything remarkable/incredible about these songs, I just find this music is rather relaxing and doesn’t distract me from my library sessions by daydreaming or getting caught up in a thought about some line I heard in a verse. That tends to happen a lot!

Any thoughts on tracks I post here, good or bad, feel free to comment!



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