Thought for the week: Intuition – Imagining

I want to bring you all a deep impacting song to start off each week, almost a kind of reflection. One of the biggest reasons I’ve fallen for hip-hop is that it hits me so much more than other genres have in the past, and discovering backstories to some songs makes the impact so much greater. I present to you one of the hardest hitting songs I’ve heard in a long time.

This song was made by an artist called Intuition, I found him through KnocksteadyTV, but I will tell you more about them when I post more relevant content. The song here is him talking about his Dads Alzheimer’s disease from diagnosis and how the progression of this disease ripped his family and his bond with his Dad. The song itself is a deeply moving piece, almost a verbal confession to a Dad who will not be able to understand it. The video too is moving, but to truly understand what’s going on, I urge people to check out Intuitions blog, where he gives a heart-beaking backstory to it as well as a link to two Alzheimer’s charities he’s a patron of.

I think almost everybody knows somebody who directly has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, or know of somebody whose life has been affected by somebody they know having it, so this song has special significance to a lot of people, and this is shown in the comment section on his blog post. Intuition admits that he was worried about the appearance of using his Dad’s condition to form art, but this is helping get exposure out of the disease and charities etc. For anybody interested, Scientists are starting to make breakthroughs into the causes of Alzheimer’s, as well treatments and even cures. Some scientists have even gone as far as to call Alzheimer’s ‘Type 3 diabetes‘ as there is enough evidence to show it’s a metabolic disease that affects the brain. So there are advances being made, and I hope this continues.

Also, on a purely musical note, the sample used in this track is a song that will appear on this blog soon, so I won’t divulge just yet, safe to say I really, really like it.

So I hope you guys like this, and take the time out to check out intuitions blog



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