Welcome to my music blog!

Hello people, I love music. I spend a lot of my time constantly searching and listening to music that hits me, and after much motivation from my peers I have finally decided to lay them out here to share with people. I think music has been best described as the shorthand of emotion, as the music that surrounds me at the moment covers such a wide range of purposes to match my mood. Some of my choices are very well known, some I have been lucky enough to stumble upon while searching, so are new to me, and may be new to you. I would like to make it very clear I am not a fucking hipster who hates an artist as soon as they get famous so has to constantly search for new underground unheard music. I have spent most of my life listening to rap music, and while it still is my favourite genre with varying sub-genres, I have been starting to branch out and exploring so many more genres I overlooked in the past. I would like to share this expansion with you. I hope you like it.


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